being an exposition and elucidation of an eternal work by  
    the hafler trio
“Tout le malheur des hommes vient d’une seule chose,
qui est de ne savoir pas demeurer en repos dans une chambre.”
Blaise Pascal




workshop / training resulting in a 14 hour performance, which itself is a coalescence and practical demonstration of the techniques and strategies developed during the preceding days, “ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ has been developed over the last 7 years, and is the culmination of roughly 35 years active research, mistake making, experiment and application of and into techniques and practices of development over a wide range of human endeavor by Andrew M.Mckenzie, the founder member of The Hafler Trio and inventor of the concept of ‘Complemation’.


Complemation is a shortened form of the phrase "Complementary Education." As today, in that what was formerly termed "alternative medicine" is now called "complementary medicine", so it is with Complemation: not seeking to displace or remove any existing system, but work alongside the best of that which is presently available, and complement these possibilities from a wide range of disciplines, practices, philosophies, strategies and ways of living.

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e are completely asleep to the world and all that it has to offer, literally and figuratively.

To actually really see this is perhaps the first part of the situation; to find effective ways of waking up becomes ever more important, as well as ever more difficult, within our current living situations.

At its root, “ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ is a piece dedicated to these premises.
It is all too easy to appreciate the ever-present sleeping state intellectually.

Giving this awareness real teeth by means of experience is a method which most only encounter when faced with serious illness or near-death—hardly a state of affairs conducive to heathy relationships with the world or the self.

By undergoing the training and execution of “ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ, the possibility for development becomes apparent. Rather than provide easy answers which can be explained in a few sentences and then forgotten, the “ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ process is something which stays with the participants by reason of its multi-leveled nature, built on direct experience of working with many disciplines, structures and strategies, so that a glimpse—a foot in the door—may be obtained.

“ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ challenges assumptions on many levels, and offers a means of seeing beyond the walls—provided the participant is ready for the realisation that they are, in fact, in prison. As Gurdjieff said, to escape prison, you need to realise you are in prison; you then need the help of others who have escaped before you—a map, tools, and so on.

“ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ contains materials, new perspectives and indications of ways of being that can fulfill these functions. This is possibly the reason that it is so challenging…

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hat if, for example, your imagination could contain the following:


—being able to extend time in any direction at will?

—being able to focus many times more brilliantly than you know how to at the present moment?

—develop concentration that is both flexible and laser-like?

—being able to experience life intensely, mindfully and appropriately, learning to “drive your own bus”?

The question, then, becomes: how *far* are you willing to go down this path?
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The need for complementary learning techniques in today's environment is an urgent one.

"There are three endings to a process:

– a finish, where something is lost

– a conclusion, where nothing is lost

– a completion, which is a new beginning."

"Whenever anybody attempts to practice any spiritual exercise, they will meet with resistance from their Denying Force, which arises from their inherited instincts, drives, desires, laziness and egoism. The persistence to persevere with the exercises against the opposition of the Denying Forces is the Affirming Force of spiritual aspiration. The result of this meeting of Affirming and Denying forces is the Reconciling force. The Reconciling force is the medium of spiritual growth and its production is the primary aim of all spiritual practices. This aim is not always acknowledged or even understood and the secondary effects of the practices may be mistakenly claimed to be the primary purpose of the practice."





Andrew M. McKenzie is the core of The Hafler Trio, international protagonists of mood engineering for over 30 years, co-founder of Simply Superior, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, lecturer, teacher, seminar and workshop leader in Creative Thinking, inventor of Complemation, sound engineer, designer, writer, programmer, classical guitar teacher, and far too many other things. present goals all involve applying everything learned by experience over the last 48 years for the benefit of others.


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