everything you know is wrong  
    27 reasons why that's a good thing

"The Bad News is: You're Falling. The Good News is: There is No Ground"

"Arguing With Pigs about the Quality of Oranges"

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Faced With a Choice, do Both"






verything You Know is Wrong has small amounts of reading matter accompanying each day, consisting of quotations, small exercises, and many other things. Although these are intelligible by themselves, their real meaning and import is only possible during the course. They are presented here for participants to access them as they are now removed from their original location, and to document the processes so that prospective arrangers and partcipants can get an idea of what is entailed. All content is copyright © 2015 Simply Superior.

Original note: "For every day there is a file which contains themes, questions and provocations for the day to come, and in many cases, exercises. If you are intending to attend this particular day, please carefully read the contents of the file the day before, as this will be the basis for the session in question. Please note that not everything in this file will be true, will be what anyone connected with the project believes, and may be controversial to some people. Please regards the facts as possibility, as this is the opening to the opportunity to learn."


(these files may contain the occasional spelling mistake. when time allows, these will be rectified.)


Day 0


– how to learn to imagine that learning to imagine never was.

Day 0 is an orientation to the programme where you can learn about the structure and content of the 27 days to come and experience this approach to collaborative creative practice.

Day 1  

– how to remember to forget what you don’t need to know.

Day 1 is an investigation of what 'memory' actually is, the forces behind it, the many techniques by which it can be used and abused, and what it means to be an animal that can carry the world around with it inside its head.

  Day 2    

– it’s what you’re thinking when you’re not thinking what you should be thinking that’s the problem.

Day 2 is an examination and jump start into 180 degrees away from your present mode of thinking, as well as questioning what we think it is, and how it could be learned and used that will affect everything and everyone.

  Day 3    

better not to begin, but once started, better to finish.

Day three progresses into beginning to use ‘planned interruption’ and expand this to the study and utilisation of methods of disruption in order to allow the creative impulse too arise: oracle systems, provoked accident, cut-ups, and the beginning of looking at time in a different way.

  Day 4    

– interfering with the will to not unlearn.

Day 4 moves to the very core of learning, education, and the seeds of development and eventual transformation - the teacher/student relationship, how information may be transformed into understanding, and some possible futures for our descendants.

  Day 5    

it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

Day five introduces participants to the application of time management - but leaving aside the usual attitudes and prejudices, suppositions and beliefs. Practical techniques, as well as thorough examination of the underlying principles involved, so that all may benefit, no matter what their walk of life.

  Day 6    

am I being lived or is something living through me?

Choice - a modern conundrum which has most people in that modern world unable to navigate without panic. in this session, the whole notion of choice is examined, dealt with and exercised, as well as the distinctions between it and Decision, finally leading to a way forwards to take control of that which others would like to control for us.

  Day 7    

– looking at that which is looking at being looked at.

All about focus, clarity and discrimination: the way in which we interact with our own attention - a limited resource - determines our world and the quality of it. in this session, we begin to see how to work with all these things; seeing how it is possible to expand and include more powerful ways to effect our way through life by maximising our potential by means of strengthening our capacity to notice.

  Day 8    

how to unmake the making of the unmaker and go forth.

The Creative Act: not as abstract and intangible, but the very well-spring of our being, considered, explored and put into practical motion in this session. The way in which we see 'creation' can lead us to a way of dealing with the world in a dynamic and fruitful way, leaving behind limited and fashionable notions, and instead returning to one of the grounds of being, realising potential in ways previously unthought of.

  Day 9    

– subject becoming object and so on forever.

the Enneagram considered as a lens through which to provide real understanding on both the micro- and macro- levels. Not the perverted 'personality test', but a real tool for examining and making sense of all manner of processes, as well as a practical guide to the working of the self.

  Day 10    

– what are you not thinking about right now?

the noble and subtle art of solo auto-suggestion, and the basis for much work to be done in the immediate future; impress yourself with the realisation of resources you never knew you had! a must-have pre-requisite for taking the next step not only in this course, but in your own work.

  Day 11    

the effort of opening a doorless door is the door

we begin the work of practicing ‘Time Distortion’ - a way of operating a metaphor so that we manipulate how we sit in this element, rather than be manipulated by it. the merciless onslaught of ‘progress’ reconciled and harnessed for fun and profit!

  Day 12    

– I eat and am so eaten. again. and again.

consumption as a pathway to enlightenment? what? well, this and all things relevant to the act of transformation via food - of all sorts. a veritable banquet of epicurean proportions. and maybe not quite what you expect.

  Day 13    

do you feel what I think that you see?

linking with everything that came before, we enter the realm of the emotions, and the surprising notion (to some) that these can be controlled and used for higher purposes. take control of that which many believe to be uncontrollable! emotional intelligence can be yours!

  Day 14    

– what do you want when you don’t know what you want?

“I don’t know what came over me”. oh really? today, we start to use elements from the past and the present in order to begin to know what ‘self-control’ is, and what it could be for us in our work, play, and just about everything else in the future!

  Day 15    

– who are you when you are someone who is not?

Sex? well that got your attention! but what sort of attention? today we examine and illustrate all sorts of matters that have to do with what sex really is. please be advised that participants will be exposed to language and concepts which they might find offensive, so please attend with discretion. no nudity is required or involved!

  Day 16    

– what isn’t here? everything!

the final frontier? not really! actually, the absence of such. what are we rambling on about, you ask, gentle reader? why, space in all its empty glory! the practical uses and fundamental truth of space and all that it isn't, as well as what it might be. freedom from the known and all the carpets whisked out from under you!


Day 17


– I don’t believe in intuition, but I have a feeling I will.

a strange notion about this one? probably. and that’s not all: you probably already have an uneasy feeling that Mind Training is also the subject of today’s session. as we are now past half-way, things are getting a lot more involved and going to deeper andeven more interesting places than hitherto. it scarcely seems possible, but there you are! or in fact, here you will be!

  Day 18    

if you go, please, tell me that ‘I’ went, too. did it?

oh my. here we are 2/3rds of the way though. and here we have none other than the great bugaboo, DEATH! so what are you so frightened of, anyway? some practical experiences - but not fatal! - are available to us right now, and that’s something to be delighted about. added to this, the Enneagram makes a welcome return, and all sorts of things may well become clearer. this is true!

  Day 19    

the most beautiful mask of the devil?

by special request of the angels, a session devoted to discussion and demonstration of how some or most of these wild and wacky things were used in the service of the Great Arts by that entity known as The Hafler Trio. a splendid time, etc, etc, is guaranteed, and so on.

  Day 20    

everything you wronged is known.

yes! today is the day to say yes! to all sorts of things that we would normally automatically say the opposite to! that includes the practice of taking and sending - if you're all nice - and the powerful, simple and effective technique of visual thinking. something for all the family!

  Day 21    

– adjustment of your headgear is now mandatory.

and so we get to grips - literally and figuratively - with one of the most effective, simple and powerful problem-solving techniques - that of the 6 Thinking Hats. not only that, but the deeper ramifications and applications of this might just be explored! something to war at a jaunty angle, indeed!

  Day 22    

– what you’re saying when you’re not saying what you think you’re saying.

the much-talked about but seldom really appreciated art of the reading of people: Body Language, indeed, for that is what it is, and no mistake. or perhaps a few - after all, that's how we learn, isn't it?

  Day 23    

as you go round and round, what do you feel? now.

well now. as we start our reverse into tomorrow, remembering to forget all the things we don't need to know and then some by half, we can consider how we influence and can be influenced, as well as knowing how to benefit from the study of Cybernetics and its application to the thing we call our own life. not kidding!

  Day 24    

the shoes are the window of the soul.

the delights of revisitation rights: we piece together disparate items from the past in order to launch from now into the future! emotional intelligence, time-line manipulation, and as much more as we can fit into our packed programme which lurches and directs itself towards an illusory point of closure!

  Day 25    

˙ʇoɯoɹɹoʍ ıuʇo ɹǝʌǝɹsıuƃ –

¡ʇıɯǝ ʇɥıs 'ɟoɹ ʇıɯǝ soɯǝ ɥɐʌǝ ʇo ʇıɯǝ ɐqonʇ s,ıʇ ʇɥɐʇ ʇıɯǝ ɐqonʇ sʇnɟɟ ʇɥɐʇ 'uoʍ ıʇ ƃnǝss ʇo nsǝp ʎon 'ʎǝs ¡qǝ ʇo nsǝp uoʇ ʇ,pıpu ʇɥǝʎ ʍɥɐʇ ɐɹǝ ʇɥıuƃs ʍɥǝɹǝ doıuʇ ʇɥǝ ʇo ɔoɯǝ ʇo ʎǝʇ ıs ʍɥɐʇ oɟ ɯısʇs ʇɥǝ ʇɥɹonƃɥ qɐɔʞ ןooʞıuƃ qǝ ʇo nsǝp ıʇ ɐs oddoɹʇnuıʇʎ ɐu ɔoɯǝs ɟnʇnɹǝ ʇɥǝ ıuʇo ƃo ʇo sɐɟǝ ʍɐs ıʇ ʇɥɐʇ uoʍ dɐsʇ ʇɥǝ ıu ʇɥonƃɥʇ ʎon ʍɥǝu ɾnsʇ

  Day 26    

the ticket asks which direction is now.

all we ask is to be as specific as possible - we move, even though we sit still. therefore, in this session, we begin to notice how it is possible to take what has been accumulated and take it out into the big blue room and do something with it. immediately, if not sooner!

  Day 27    

– when you come to the end of a marvellous party. or do you?

well, here we are and here we are and here we go. it's all happening as the in-point and the end-point become the same, resolutions are revolved and resolved, and just when we thought were were beings that do things, we realise that we are doings that be things! onwards, upwards, round and do-si-do your partner! the dawning of conscience is upon us, and the best is yet to come!


these documents are the basis of a book about the project, to be published in 2016.


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Simply Superior is would like to invite any person interested in having this remarkable event happen in their part of the world to remember to forget not to stop not hesitating and get in touch with us immediately. if not sooner.


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