never eat anything bigger
than your
own head
    the hafler trio
How to Eat the Food and not the Menu:
A Comprehension Exercise
(for people that want to be really hungry)

• So...?

Never Eat Anything Bigger than Your Own Head is a training, a performance, a retreat and an uprecedented opportunity to carry out deep work on the Self (and all that might mean!), using the most potent of metaphors: The Kitchen. We are presently engaged with finding locations and situations where these things can manifest fully. Will you help us in this endeavour? of course you will!

This 9-day and 9-hour operation is led by Andrew M.Mckenzie, the founder member of The Hafler Trio and inventor of the concept of 'Complemation'.

• Why?

...would people want to go on a 'retreat'?

The retreat is an opportunity to allow true space into life; to allow actual punctuation of activity; to get out of the normal environment of life, and experience the possibilities outside the water of the goldfish bowl of 'ordinary' existence. Just as with going on holiday, the most important part is not the place visited, but the new set of perspectives that presents itself on returning to our normal place of residence. A retreat is, therefore, not a running away from life, but an opportunity to connect with it at a deeper, conscious level.

• What? the program of the 3x3 days?

Each day is divided, loosely, into 3 sections, dealing with Body, Mind and Spirit - AKA Affirming, Denying and Reconciling. Each day has a text and a series of preliminary exercises. Each day will also have exercises for practise in the evening, apart from the instruction and training hours. Meals will be communal, and in silence. Internal exercises will be carried out during such periods.

• How?

...does the transformation of the individual occur during the retreat?

Learning is only measurable in terms of the quality and character of changed behaviour. The question: "what did you learn today?" should be answered by a demonstration of what will be different in the being of a person. Transformation is here defined as that which is characterised as permanent change, and not temporary shifts or translations, characterised by being transient states. By being part of a group and studying consciously and continuously without 'breaking state', the possibility is opened up for participants to not only taste possibilities of growth, but to actualise them and to bring them into being. Such a situation by default makes it possible to follow useful paths in contrast to the solo effort, which, having no correcting impulses from outside, leads almost inevitably to dead-ends and false paths. Experience, in this situation, is then obtained, cooked, eaten, and digested, thereby becoming both the fuel for transformation and the physical manifestation of it.

Direct experience of the mystery of being manifests in 3 ways: a practice that supports opening to the mystery, a celebration of the experience, and a way of life that arises out of understanding and insight.

• When?

...when you make it happen!


  1. residential: participants are in a 'retreat' situation
  2. environment: needs to be "controllable" with regards to as many aspects as possible - lighting, fresh air, cleanliness, and so on - all of this and the participants interaction and utilisation of it becomes part of the work
  3. techniques: are to be practised 24/7 - meals, sleeping arrangements, everything
  4. teaching / training / instruction = 9 hours per day, 3 x 3 hours


• Who?

... are the people who will benefit from this?

Anyone who wishes to put themselves at the disposal of forces able to enter into a situation designed to allow maximum access to 'currents' only permissible in such special circumstances. This is not for everybody, and does not pretend to be so: there is a Tibetan saying, paraphrased, which goes like this - "Better not to begin. But if begun, better to finish." Anyone willing to dive into the real source of The Creative Impulse and to see, hear, and feel for themselves what it really means to be immersed in it, has the possibility to benefit on many levels. Such opportunities are neither common or easy to dismiss, once their real import has been even vaguely grasped; what must then happen is an effort on the part of the aspiring participant to overcome inertia. And this, in the face of easier, more 'soothing' and 'palatable' situations, determines a great deal as to how the entire experience will unfold, and further determines the amount of utility and potential it will have of acting upon the being in question.

People who wish to be stretched in ways they cannot foresee (few people can trust The Process in this way); people who actually, truly wish for change in themselves and their viewpoints (you are rare animals, indeed); and people who have seen something which they need to verify but they, themselves cannot actually 'prove' (because you know what that means).

Does this mean you? We hope it does, fervently.


• What if?

...I still have more questions about all this?

The thing to do, in this case, is to be grateful that you are still asking questions, and to send them to us. The place to send them is: info [that 'a' with a circle around it] you may also ask questions on the Simply Superior Google mailing list, where you can also see if your question(s) have been asked already, and indeed have been answered.

...I wish to attend, but I can't afford it?

There are no plans to do this work electronically, and at the time of writing, it seems highly unlikely that it ever will, such is the nature of this particular beast. While we cannot assist with accommodation at the present time (but this is a definite aim for coming activities for a variety of reasons), if there are reasonable extenuating circumstances, some arrangements can be made. In addition, trades of skills can also be effected. Please write, stating your possibilities and what you envision in this scenario.


• And?

— The kitchen as a place of creativity and transformation : birth, death, and resurrection in everyday life.

— The meal that is cooked in our lives is the soul. The raw material of this meal is our experience.

The Two Laws:

The law of nature through which action is accomplished, by means of three forces. The active principle is the positive pole, the passive principle is the negative pole, and the principle that conciliates both is the third force, the neutral force. The Law of Three is formed then by the three principles: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation. The third force conciliates the affirming force with the negating force. This profound law is represented in all religions by a trinity of powers.

The Law of Seven. This is the fundamental principle of the organization of everything that is created. Thus we have seven primary colors, seven primary chakras, seven primary notes, seven primary planets, etc. This law of sevenfoldness is ubiquitous in all coherent processes of nature when things are viewed as comprehensive wholes and unities. The patterning principle of physical, mental and Divine Orderly Process.



• What Now?

Action; following contemplation and contact.

This project is the next-level development of the project begun with Applied Complemation, and as such, represents the practical implementation of roughly 40 years of experimentation, mistake and success-making, trial, error, heartbreak and triumph, as well as the real possibility of an opportunity to allow something truly Creative to emerge from the parameters and environment that Never Eat Anything Bigger than your Own Head allows, supports, and engenders.

Get in contact, let us know how you will assist in the manifestation of this Work of Works so that all may benefit. "You Know it Makes Sense!"

• Questions?

Audio & Visual answers. Yes.

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