ridiculously expensive "book"
    the hafler trio
Just Because a Cat has her Kittens in the Oven
Doesn't Make them Biscuits.
("I know these are only words, but all the same...")


set of situations to be entered into, a how-to book to end all of them in perpetuity and an unprecedented opportunity to carry out deep work on the Self (and all that might mean!)

This weighty tome was scrawled by Andrew M. Mckenzie, the founder member of The Hafler Trio and inventor of the concept of ‘Complemation’.+
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WHAT is this artefact, pray tell?


WHY would anyone do what they did 30 years ago, again?


WHICH of the books are still available?


HOW can I learn more about this fabulous artefact?


WHEN does the actualisation of all this take place?


WHO is responsible for this outrage?



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  Should you have the desire to see and hear an impression of this fabulously torrid tome:

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