an opportunity to be everything
you ever wanted
to do.
How to Solve All Your Problems...
— ever.
(unless you want to use them to become enlightened!)
   CAUTION: much reading ahead!  



service being that of one-on-one counseling now available from Simply Superior, where anyone with a burning question, a stuck situation or just needing a new perspective can take advantage of 35+ years of actual, practical experience with dealing with creative matters... and a great deal of that which pertains to them.

This will be facilitated by Andrew M.Mckenzie, inventor of the concept of ‘Complemation’. (more)...
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WHY ..?


WHAT ...?




WHO ...?





The question, then, again, becomes: how much do you actually wish to consciously Transform?

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Should you have the desire to see and hear answers to these questions, then:

Watch and Listen

Watch and Listen II
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