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'''''''   (Strategies and Techniques of the Creative Act - Workshop/Performance)

As life in the modern world quickens, shallows, intensifies in quantity and not quality, having the tools to take control of perception means that you can deal with situations which until now, you thought were beyond your power to control, leading to a place where the deepest desires and their manifestation in the world are available in a state of real Freedom.

'''''''   is a multi-day workshop-type experience dealing with techniques for Time Distortion, Hypnosis, Power Focus, Deep Concentration, and new ways of thinking fused with the best of the old. At the end of the week, participants will be using a set of tools that will be the difference that makes the difference in your life, whatever they do, and will be equipped to take part in an unprecedented performance using the techniques they have learned lasting 14 hours - taking them to places that they never actually even thought about dreaming of!



a series of monthly 'teleconferences' for people interested in both asking questions about the Simply Superior approach, and wishing to discuss same, were held between July 2011 and January 2012. the recordings have been made available as podcasts here.

We thank those who called in for your participation!